First day at school.

I’m Walter Cunningham Jr. and today is the first day of school for our little town Maycomb. At school today my teacher try to give me lunch money but, she didn’t know but that to me made me feel ashamed. It didn’t make feel good, she hurt my feelings by doing what she did. It wasn’t all her fault she is new in town and she doesn’t know the people of Maycomb and there ways of life. So she well have to get to know people before saying some thing that might hurt someones feelings. I was a little mad at her but i well forgive her. The thing that got really sad is that she got mad at Souct for trying to tell her way I didn’t what the money and then after school Souct try to fight for getting her in trouble. That is all I have for you today but I well be posting another post about our little town son by and iI hope you like my post for today.


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